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Mel's Stress Smoothie Rx

Studies suggest certain foods are rich in nutrients that can lower stress hormones, strengthen the immune system, lower risk of heart disease, and make your body more resilient during bouts of stress.    

However, with a busy lifestyle it can be a challenge to find the time to fit all of them in your diet. After trial and error, I created a fast, easy, and delicious recipe to get what I need in one spot even on-the-go. I use a Nutribullet feel free to use whichever blender you have at home!    

Mel’s Stress Smoothie Recipe   

1 cup of greens for magnesium  I use prewashed spinach - it’s easy and has a mild taste. I simply put it in a freezer bag so it doesn’t go bad.    

½ - 1 orange for vitamin c  I use cuties or halos because they are easy to peel and seedless.   

½ banana for potassium  If you don’t like your smoothies too sweet or need to reduce your sugar intake, use a slice of avocado instead to maintain the nutrients and smooth texture while adding a boost of essential healthy fat.   

½ cup of berries for antioxidants  I use frozen berries because they are cheaper and last longer Note: Strawberries give the smoothie a brown color. I add a few blueberries to improve the look!    

1 cup of water (option to use milk)    

A few ice cubes.    

Optional: Add a teaspoon of chia or flax seeds for omega-3s.

While making your smoothie, snack on a small handful of almonds for vitamin E, fat, and protein.

Time Saver: On Sundays put all the ingredients in a bag and make a few sets. When you get home on weekdays toss it in the blender and add water!